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• Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Total Branding Sdn Bhd is a creative branding agency that refining and focusing on branding. Our goal is to move customers from awareness to recognition, from participation to conversion. Our branding strategies are bringing clarity to our clients' customers to turn them from one-time buyers to loyal brand advocates.

Our People

 Kenny Lam

Kenny Lam has a major in broadcasting with dual award certifica tion in Mass Communications by INTI and the University of Hertfordshire, UK.

He is an aspiring entrepreneur in the marketing and advertising sector. His past projects include Shopee, Kawasaki (Indo), Gardena, Cradle/Profile, Ricoh (Japan), Dulux (Indo), Leanin.org, ASEAN (Representative as Malaysia multi-media team), and more. His network includes BNI (Business), JCI (NGO), Industry Adjunct Faculty Member of INTI (Edu), and Vistage Malaysia.

Kenny also won multiple awards in leadership competitions, workshops and camps like “Youth Empowerment Camp (Best group award), EPIC Program [All INTI campuses Entrepreneur program] (Champion), and Entrepreneur Camp (Champion), First Runner up NECC 2019 (JCI), Nationalist MGAC 2019 Maybank and many more.

Facebook Marketing

The Facebook Ads Management platform is incredibly robust by allowing markets to target their desired audience

Corporate Video

The story of your company's evolution may seem uninspiring to you, but it can play an important role in building trust and respect.


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